Paver Patio Cost Depends Upon Various Factors

Paver Patio Cost

When its summer days, you do not want to miss any chance to enjoy with your friends and family. What can be a better experience than barbeque with your friends at your patio while your children run along there! You will surely not let only grass grow in your patio and leave the space blank! Instead get it done either by paver, concrete, flagstone or gravel and make the place a haven behind your home.

You may take some time to decide that which type of patio will you do, but if you want it to be stylish yet within budget, you can go for paver patio. The paver patio cost will not be too high and it will depend upon certain factors apart from the cost of material.

Certain factors that will vary the cost are

Project type

What type of patio are you planning to install? Is it square patio or curvilinear patio? Depending upon the type of patio and the pavers used, the cost will vary. Like, if you have square patio and lay down square pavers there the cost of patio installation will be not more. On the other hand, if you are planning to lay a curvilinear paver patio with various colored pavers then the cost may be high.

Exiting condition of the place

The next factors on which paver patio cost will depend are the condition of the ground presently. If there is a lawn there then it will not be very costly. All you have to incur is the excavation cost. On the other hand, if there is already a patio that you want to change or a gazebo you have to bear the cost of dismantling them before you start your new project.

If there are any existing constructions then you also have to add up the demolition cost along with the material and labor cost.

Excavation depth

For maintaining the surface of the paving and to keep it at optimum level, you may have to excavate the land. This depth will be more at those places where heavy weights may fall. Thus, while adding up the cost of labor you must include the cost required for excavating the land that will make the patio stronger and durable.

The soil condition will also affect the total cost as if the soil is too loose then it has to be treated before the patio is constructed to make the patio long lasting.

Paver patterns

There are different types of pavers available. Now, depending upon the type of pavers you use for constructing the patio, the cost will increase or decrease. Like when you use square pavers the wastage is less and you have to bear less cost. However, if they are elaborate and designer shaped then the wastage will be more. So, while you calculate the cost, include the cost of paver too!

Considering these factors and the materials and labor cost you can arrive at the cost of constructing paver patio at your place. To get some idea you can ask any expert to tell you about the cost in square foot.





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