Patio Heater Parts Of Different Types of Patio Heater

Patio Heater Parts

You love to spend time in your patio, but what about a chilly evening? Do you miss those coy chairs of your patio? If you really miss them then go and buy a patio heater that will keep you warm even during a cold evening. Within a radius of about 10 feet or more, you will get a patio temperature of more than 10 degrees.

Now, when you go for buying them you will find three types of patio heaters. They are gas patio heaters, propane patio heaters, and electric patio heaters. You will get different models that are some will be table top, some will wall mounting and others free standing. Just choose among them the ones that meet your budget, fulfill your requirement and can warm up your patio.

It’s true that the maintenance of outdoor heaters are not much, but if you know about the patio heater parts then you can maintain them in a better way. Discussed below are patio heaters and their parts

Parts of a Gas Patio Heater

These heaters use gas as their fuel and are thus very safe for nature. Use them with LPG pipes or with a cylinder. The different parts of these heater are the reflector cap, head assembly and heater burner screen. The reflector cap assembly is located at the topmost end and is consisted on the center reflector and the reflector cap. The head assembly has the heater burner screen and the cylinder housing space where a gas cylinder, a gas regulator and a gas hose can be kept. While installing them it is better to get professional help. They have more longevity than the electric heaters and are generally fuel efficient.

Parts of a Propane Patio Heater

Propane is used for functioning of these heaters and they have a pipe connected to the propane tank or disposable propene unit is them. Depending upon the fuel supply, you can move these heaters. The different patio heater parts that you find inside a propane heater are reflector assembly and reflector cap, and just like the gas patio heater; they too have head assembly with the heater burner screen. It requires very less maintenance and can be easily assembled at home too.

Parts of an Electric Patio Heater

As these heater works with the help of electricity, they are more convenient than any other type of heaters. You do not have to replace cylinders or refill the tanks at regular interval. They can heat the surrounding instantly and is safe even for nature. There is an electromagnetic radiation heat source that is mostly a metal rod if not a quartz lamp. From the unit the heat is reflected out by the reflectors and then they reach the surrounding places. There is a thermostat that shuts off automatically when heated. Compared to the other types of heaters they are less expensive.

To maintain your heater, you can always use some heater cover that will save it from any dust particles from entering the heater.




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