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Patio Cover Plans That Will Make Your Patio Attractive

Patio Cover Plans

Although you may have a patio at your home, but you cannot enjoy sitting there during day and enjoy your children swimming in the swimming pool! Or when it rains heavily, you may always wish that you had enjoyed the drizzling from your patio, rather than watching it from the windows. Thus, to enjoy your patio, the best way out is to cover it. There are different patio cover plans that will need some structures to be added and make the patio another place to enjoy nature.


Among the various types of patio cover plans, arbor is most common and simple one. It is a framework or a structure over the patio that keeps partial cover to the patio and also supports the growth of plants and creepers too. They are generally of wood or metal and the structure of the arbor is supported by vertically erected columns which are made up of same material. At the top there is a matrix or grid made up of lightweight beams.

After the arbor is erected and the roof is completed you can start hanging orchids and creepers from it. It makes the place cooler and at the same time makes it beautiful too. However, as the arbor is not covered totally, during rain it will not be beneficial enough.

If you really want to have arbor and also stop rain drops from falling in the arbor, you can attach some roof cover or put roof tiles to stop rain. While doing so, make sure that you have taken some sturdy material so that it does not blow away easily during rain.

Sail Away

If you want something unconventional for patio cover you may try out the sail away method. Sail is hundred percent waterproofs as it is piece of canvas. It can be attached with the supporting poles and at the same time can be tied at the top of arbor. It will stop rain and when you want to remove it, just untie them. Thus, it is very convenient to use as and when required.

Patio umbrellas

Just like sails, you can use patio umbrellas; they are light weight and can be used when required and when you do not need them just put them away. You will get patio umbrellas of different colors, fashions and sizes that are just perfect for your home. You can choose among them the ones that will meet your need. Nowadays, there are different types of patio umbrellas available some of which are hanging, while others have shape of canopy. They are actually useful with only one drawback. They cannot cover the whole area of your patio.

Complete Room

If you want you can change your patio as an extension of your living room or your dining space. By adding French doors to the patio and covering it properly it will be just another room. Cover up the roof and stop the heat and rain entering your patio. However, although it is useful as a room, yet you cannot enjoy the beauty of staying outside to witness drizzling.


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