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Maintenance Tips for Metal Patio Furniture

Metal Patio Furniture

Your patio is just not beautiful with its structure and the floor, its furniture out there that makes it look great. So, when you want your patio to look beautiful and attractive it is required that you keep the place clean. For cleaning the place you have to clean the flower pots, if nay and other hanging items. The most important thing that should be taken care of is metal patio furniture.

There may be different kinds of metal furniture but the most common ones are aluminum and wrought iron. So, it is necessary that you know how to keep them clean and clear. Especially when metal furniture sits outside for long period they may get affected by the weather conditions, sometimes it’s hot and at night dew drops may fall upon them. Thus, it’s necessary that you know different things to keep them clean and maintain them for a long period of time.

Aluminum frame care and maintenance

Among the different types of metal patio furniture available, aluminum is very much in use as it is strong and long lasting and does not get rust. It can maintain its look even during drenching thunderstorms and blistering suns. Even notorious children do not leave much effect on them. Moreover as it is lightweight it is easy to move it and requires minimum maintenance too.

For removing the surface dust from the body of the furniture, washing it regularly with liquid detergent will be helpful. When you rinse the furniture with mild detergent it will even remove the oils or outdoor contaminants that get attached to the structure.

Periodically, applying good automobile wax will make it look lustrous and beautiful and also extend the life of the furniture. Never ever wash them putting inside the swimming pool. Moisture should not get enter the pipes else they will destroy the furniture. Even while storing the furniture make sure that moisture is not able to accumulate inside the furniture pipes.

On the textured surface of the furniture you may apply some baby oil or mineral oil. If there are stains on the furniture then you may have to sand it lightly to remove the stain. If the furniture comes in contact with any cream or liquid that may discolor it, wipe off the chemical first with dry cloth and then rinse it off.

Wrought iron frame care and maintenance

Wrought iron furniture is another common choice of furniture that are used in patio. Generally iron is prone to rust, but in wrought iron the chances are minimized.

However, for cleaning it, use warm, soapy solution. Try to keep the furniture painted as if paint is removed then it may lead to corrosion. If there are any non-textured finished parts apply automotive wax to protect it. Similarly, on textured finish apply baby oil or mineral oils. It will help you maintain the luster.

If there are stains on the furniture you may have to sand it lightly, but be careful about the paint. If it is removed then get it painted immediately. Before storing the furniture make sure that you have cleaned even a tiny drop of water.





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