Flagstone Patio Cost Depends Upon the Stones Used

Flagstone Patio Cost

When you find a smooth edged stone patio and another rough edged stone patio, can you find the difference? They are different from each other just because of the finish they have and the stones used for completing them. Otherwise you can consider them all under flagstone patio, as it is not any typical type of rock, but a term that is used for nay flat, large, quarried natural stone that is used for indoor flooring and outdoor landscaping.

From the above it must be clear that how difficult it will be to get flagstone patio cost as there will be different stones and the cost of each of them will vary according to the availability of the stones and the quality of the stones. They are very good for using in patios as they allow water to permeate through them and do not run through them. Moreover, they give a natural loom to the patio.

Benefits derived from flagstone patio

Although sometimes laying a flagstone patio may be very costly, but you will find them for the following benefits that can be derived from them

  • First and foremost they are durable. As natural stone are laid in the floor of the patio, they are very durable.
  • They are available in different shades, just as the shade of the stone and hence give a natural look to the floor of the patio.
  • At any permeable surface you can lay them dry. They themselves will permeate water.
  • In between the stones you will find moss, grass and other hardy substances. They give a natural look to the place.
  • As there are many natural stones with different color variations, you can use them for getting rich colored texture at your patio.

Cost incurred for laying flagstone patio

When you decide to lay flagstone in your patio, you have to consider few things to estimate the flagstone patio cost. These are natural stone and the price of the stone will depend upon the availability of the stone. Moreover, there are different patterns that can be done and the cost will again depend upon whether you are doing irregular pattern or any random rectangular pattern.

Once you have considered these things you can get some estimate about the cost, generally they are much higher than concrete patio or any other patio. They range something in between $20 to $35 per square foot.

The cost of constructing flagstone patio will also depend upon the method of installation of the flagstone. If it is laid over concrete then the cost will be more compared to laying it over simple sand and gravel.

If you feel that the total area of your patio is very large and it will cost you too much then you can put those stone in between concrete patios. It will create a new design and at the same time will make the patio look beautiful just like nay flagstone patio. Thus, decide your budget and then choose a unique design for making your flagstone patio.






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