Covered Patio Ideas to Make Patio Look Different

Covered Patio Ideas

Patio is an outdoor space of your home, but if you can get it covered properly then you can have even electrical appliances like television there too! When you think of patio, an image will come into your mind where you can sit, drink tea with your loved ones and spend a spectacular evening. And when you want something more from it, you can get it covered! It will save you from the climatic conditions and it will be weather proof.

When you look for covered patio ideas you should ensure that it does not change the place into another room. It must retain the feel of sitting outdoors and charm must be there but you should have the comfort of your living room.

Unique Designs

To make your patio covered you need to choose the roof covering first and there are few things that needs your consideration. Budget is obviously the first one, next you need to consider that will you hire professional for the project or do it yourself? And the next things that require your attention is obviously the material that will be used for making the patio cover. You can try out some the below covered patio ideas

  • Arbor Patio

You can go for arbor patios that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio and at the same time will provide protection from extreme weather conditions. You will have a choice to choose from metal or wooden patios. There will be grid on the roof that is made from vertical columns. You can also hang plants and creepers from them, giving your patio an extensive good look and feel.

  • Designs with Awnings

You can even design the place with awnings that can be fixed or retractable. When you do not need they fold the awnings and the place will be open. In arbor patio you will not get shade from sun, but awnings are made up of cloths and thus will provide good shade from sun.

Retractable awnings are made in such way that you can remove the coverings when not in use. Thus, if it’s raining heavily outside, remove the coverings and when its fine you can get it covered again.

  • Permanent Roof

If you think that you will make the coverings permanent then you can go for permanent covering ideas. There will be permanent roof over your patio and whether its summer or winter you can enjoy sitting in your patio. There are gazebos and parabolas that can be set in your patio to give the space its unique look. Just take help from professionals and the work will be done.

You have to consider the flooring too, especially when you are having permanent roof. You can have hardwood flooring and get tiles there.

Beautify the space

Once you have chosen the type of cover you will have, it’s time to beautify the space. You can have flowers pots there to enhance the beauty of the space or keep some Chinese lamp to give dimly lit feelings in the space. Everything will depend upon your creativity and then you can enjoy sitting in your patio.




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