Commercial Patio Heaters to Make Outdoors Warmer

Commercial Patio Heaters

If you have a lovely patio beside your restaurant, your guest may love to spend their time there and enjoy their dinner. However, you may be worried about the cold weather and thus cannot utilize the space! Why do not you use commercial patio heaters that will warm the outside area and let you entertain your guest?

If you stay in warm country, then these patio heaters will allow you to use the patio for throughout the year. However, in colder countries they will extend the period when you can use the outside patio. When you use patio heaters, you will get heat at a constant temperature and they are environment friendly too.

Patio Heaters: What to Look For

If you look at the variety of commercial patio heaters available in the market, you will get amazed. There are innumerous numbers of them and it will surely startle you. For your restaurants or any commercial places most of the heaters are full size and they are tall, where your guests can stand under them. However, you will get some heaters that have table top models and even can be mounted on the ceiling.

Different things that you should look for while you but a patio heater for commercial purpose is


For patio heaters you have three options for fuel. You can either use natural gas, propane or electric for running the heater. Among them propane heaters are mobile than others and are easy to use too. You can place them at anyplace and need not require any installation. However, the cost of propane is very high.

Compared to propane natural gas will cost you less. If fuel is available you can use the heater constantly but the heater needs to be installed by professionals.

Electric heaters are environment friendly and do not emit any smoke. They are also in middle way in terms of cost. Depending upon the model used, you may need them to be installed or just plug them and use them.

Size & Output

Depending upon the area that is needed to be heated and the number of heaters operating in the patio, you will need to decide the size of the heater. Like, in restaurants you may have one table top heater placed at every table. Large heaters can produce about 4000BTUs while smaller ones can produce about 1200 BTUs. There are heaters that can produce much more BTUs and heat up the whole area.


While choosing the patio heaters if you just check the functionality of the heater then it may not be all especially when it will be used commercially. You should also look at the design of the heater. They should be well designed so that they add to the aesthetic value of your patio, and they should not be distraction out there. There are many manufacturers who understand this and make heaters that are elegant and add up to the beauty of the place.

Thus, to make a party hot or your guests enjoy the starlit sky while enjoying food served by you, the best thing is to set these heaters and see the warmth reflected back on your guests.




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