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Three Simple Brick Patio Designs for Elegant Patio

Brick Patio Designs

If you have some good space outside your home, you may consider making a patio. It’s a lovely outdoor space of your home where you can spend time with your family member or entertain your guests. Now, for laying new patio you will have a lot of options in front of you, like you may have concrete patio or paver patio. You can even choose to have brick patio that is always elegant and has a classic look.

Many prefers brick patio as they are available in different colors and also lasts for a long time. Apart from this by making different brick patio designs you can make your patio look formal or casual. It is upon your creativity and choice that will give your patio an elegant look.

Stacked bond

There are different designs in which you can lay the bricks in your patio. Among the most popular ones, stack bond is most common. It is easy to install and even you can try it yourself. This is the reason that many love to DIY projects with these brick patterns. While installing the bricks for making this design the bricks are laid horizontally or in vertical patterns. When you lay the bricks in that manner, the joint lines will be up so it will seem that they are stacked up upon one another.

However, if you are looking to make some diagonal patterns then you may have to cut the border accordingly.

Running board design

Another common brick patio design is running boards which is more or less similar to stacked bond. Even in this design too the arrangements of bricks will be in similar direction. However, the difference here is that the joints will not be lined up; rather they will be laid opposite to each other to give the look. This type of lying is also not tough and you can try them yourself. In this pattern you can use two or more colors of bricks to give a different look to your patio.

Basket weave

There are innumerous numbers of patterns that can be made while you are making a brick patio. You can have circular patterns, herringbone pattern, pinwheel patterns or more. One such beautiful pattern is basket weave. It is fancier than the other two and obviously gives better look to the patio. While designing it you will need the first row to go from right to left or vice versa, and in this two bricks will be laid in horizontal pattern and the other two in vertical. This will be continues till you reach the end.

When you start working on the second row, you will have to lay the bricks in opposite direction of the first one so that they are set properly. Like if the first pair was laid horizontally, then now you have to lay them vertically and so on.

Mentioned here are just three such patterns that can be made while you design your brick patio. You can try out among the different designs and make your patio look sophisticated.





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